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Sophie Scott the tattood arm of Lenny Bruce

Updated: 31st May 2022

Neuroscientist and stand-up comedian.

In this BBC video she explains about the social aspect of laughter. She talked about how laughter is contagious and how other apes clearly laugh.

I think the thing that's interesting is how she's talking about how we've come to use laughter more than the spontaneous aspect of it. We've come to use it as a social cue, or a signal to others about our feelings and intensions, which is really interesting, but that's a layer above the actual genuine laughter.

Surely we need to understand what laughter is about and then we can see how we've repurposed it as a signifier and a useful social lubricant?

She also did a Ted Talk.

She also did a talk for Google (48mins)

There's an interview with her on Youtube where she covers similar ground.

Her page on UCL Her email

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