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Many Things at Once the tattood arm of Lenny Bruce

Updated: 31st May 2022

One of the other things I think you need to understand in order to get why I think this works is the idea of tickling many different things at once.

Because I think something being funny is related to it being dangerous, and I think our Lizard Brain's have evolved to be scared of almost everything, I think that something can be funny in a huge number of ways all at once, and in fact I think this is more often the case than not.

Actually, I'll go one further. I think that the best, most successful, comedy is actually specifically that kind of comedy which is funny at many different levels at once. I think at times when something is really truly funny there has to be at least a few different things happening at once.

This is the thing I'm interested in really. Is it possible, taking this theory as a starting point and then trying to pull apart some of those things

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